• Address: G/F Ormoc Villa Hotel, San Pedro Street, Ormoc City, Leyte 6541
  • Phone: (053) 561-7912 | 255-3655 | 832-0520
  • Hours: 6 Days a week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (M-F)

Parties agree that warranty is further subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The customer understands and agrees to OrmocNet policy on warranty as a condition to further processing of warranty claim.
  2. Upon presentation of proof of purchase, OrmocNet shall receive and document the item and look into warranty period and exclusions. The customer undertakes to provide the necessary and correct information regarding the circumstances and will allow OrmocNet authorized employees to inspect the item based on information and representations of the customer. OrmocNet shall not be liable for any damage brought by wrong information and misrepresentations of the customer.
  3. OrmocNet is not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by non-function or delay in the performance of the item/s purchased even if covered by warranty.
  4. In instances where warranty is void (refer to warranty policy known to customer upon purchase), Customer undertakes to receive back the item OrmocNet shall not accept items for storage unless the customer agrees to donate the item to the company and OrmocNet agrees to receive it.
  5. OrmocNet assumes the duly to protect the item under warranty from loss, damage or destruction and OrmocNet shall replace the item if such loss or damage occurred while under the custody of the company and imputed to gross negligence of any OrmocNet employee.
  6. Should the circumstances warrant a replacement of the item, OrmocNet shall replace the item with material of like, kind, and quality, but not necessarily the same color. If an item is non-repairable due to the covered failure of an obsolete or unavailable component part, OrmocNet is responsible for replacement of the entire item with another item of the same or higher value. In either case under this Item 6, OrmocNet shall not be bound to refund the customer of the value in cash.
  7. The Customer undertakes to observe processes and protocols in handling warranty and shall address all follow-up actions with Warranty In-charge of OrmocNet. OrmocNet Stores shall take care of coordinating with Warehouse – Warranty Officer for warranty items of all stores. OrmocNet undertakes to administer all warranty claims with a level of urgency and shall ensure diligent efforts made to work with the Suppliers with the end goal of minimizing disruptions among customers.
  8. The Customer is not responsible for freight costs incurred by OrmocNet in dealing with Suppliers except when the customer prefers a particular mode of transporting item from supplier to OrmocNet Store. The Customer shall claim the item under warranty from the particular store where item is purchased.
  9. Any Customer request for shipment of item shall take the risk for any loss or damage in the course of travel. OrmocNet acts as agent of the customer in facilitating the transport of the item/s and shall not in any way be liable to any loss or damage that happened in the course of travel.
  10. Item/s under warranty but not claimed within 30 days from notice to the owner/customer of its good condition and ready for claim shall be considered abandoned by the owner/customer and authority is deemed given to OrmocNet to dispose of said item. OrmocNet is not engaged in storage business and that OrmocNet is not anymore liable to customer/owner of any loss or damage after the 30-day period.