• Address: G/F Ormoc Villa Hotel, San Pedro Street, Ormoc City, Leyte 6541
  • Phone: (053) 561-7912 | 255-3655 | 832-0520
  • Hours: 6 Days a week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (M-F)

Parties agree that service to be performed is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. INVENTORY OF ITEM. OrmocNet declares that it is liable/accountable only on the item and parts thereof listed in the service order which was filled up or duly accomplished in the presence of owner or representative.
  2. WHEN RESPONSIBILITY CEASES. OrmocNet ceases to be responsible when the item is received or pulled out by its owner or authorized representative. An owner requesting for shipment via commercial couriers agrees to treat OrmocNet as agent and releases OrmocNet from any liability when the item is now turned over to a courier.
  3. REPAIR WARRANTY. OrmocNet offers a service warranty of five (5) working days from the day owner/representative received the item provided that the problem encountered is the same problem to which repair was made and the problem refers to the same part or aspect of the same item/gadget repaired.
  4. USE OF SOFTWARE. Software found on the hard disk if any, are presumed owned by the owner of item, and it shall be his sole responsibility to show proof of legal ownership when required.
  5. LOSS OF ITEM. OrmocNet shall not be liable for any loss or damage or deterioration due to delay, non-receipt or non-fulfillment of this contract as a result of any act beyond the control of the company or its agents or representatives such as acts of God, fire, strikes or any civil disorder, wars, acts of government or any other act through no fault of OrmocNet.
  6. ABANDONMENT & WAIVER. Failure to make a claim of the item within 60 days from the date it is duly entrusted to OrmocNet Service Center shall mean deemed abandonment and the owner waives all the rights he/she/it may have over the item and releases OrmocNet from any liability. After the 60-day period, the owner grants OrmocNet the authority to dispose the item/s.
  7. STORAGE CHARGE. After 15 days from the day the Owner receives notice for claim or pullout of the item, OrmocNet shall impose storage charge in the amount of P10.00 per day of storage.
  8. REQUIREMENT FOR CLAIM: Claimant of an item entrusted with OrmocNet shall surrender the customer’s copy of the service order before receiving the item. Claimants who are non-owners shall also present any government issued ID of the owner as evidence of authority and his/her own ID for documentation before receiving the item.
  9. CASH TRANSACTION ONLY. OrmocNet services offered are only for cash transactions. Owing to different processes in the Service Center, customer credit line and charges are not available. Hence, fees and charges shall be paid before claiming the item.